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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Karachi in the Near Future

to look like in the near future

specially compiled in the love of my city


Destination Pakistan 2007

This year its all happening here....



Official Website

Ministry of Tourism Website

Calendar of Events

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blogspot Unblocked..... Finally!

A happy day for bloggers in Pakistan as blogspot was finally unblocked by PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Ltd), so we can now start blogging again.

What should I say for those pathetic and fickle minded officials at PTCL and PEMRA (Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority), who banned Blogger last year in connection with Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) blaspheme by the Swedish newspaper. Instead of blocking only those few blogs with profane content, they blocked the entire blogspot domain... thus depriving hundreds of thousands of Pakistani bloggers from their right to advocate and spread their voice against that stupid act. This was the time when the young guns in Pakistan were starting to understand the concept of blogging.. and were vigorously involved in publishing content. But this sudden imbroglio has set the bloggers in Pakistan a year back (Myspace, Typepad, LiveJournal etc are not popular here in Pakistan).

Let's see if we could bring that pace again.

Tabraiz Feham

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