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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Pakistan Developer Conference (PDC) 2005

Microsoft is up to task for the third consecutive year, PDC 2005 is starting from 13 of July and consisted of around 50 sessions covering all the latest Microsoft products and technologies.
- A little disappointment for me, for not covering .net mobile development :(



Highly recommended for all .net Junkies :)

Tabraiz Feham

Friday, May 20, 2005

My Photo Journal... Updated

My photo journal is now updated with some new images mainly covering flowers and greenry at home. Worth visiting because I have gatthered some of very beautifull images of my city Karachi.

All of these pictures have been taken by Sony Ericsson K300i Camera Phone. Please sought permission and give credit if you want to use these images.(High Resolution available)

Thanks for visiting :)


(Please visit journal for large images)

M Tabraiz Feham  Recent Images taken with Sony K300i Camera Phone

M Tabraiz Feham

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Resource Group (TRG) ... Making a difference

Paksitan is still a new bee in outsourcing industry, but companies like TRG leaded by Mr. Zia Chishti are really making a big difference by depicting a very different image of Pakistan. Here comes a news from Washington Post.

"Virtual Secretary Puts New Face on Pakistan"
"In a chic downtown lobby across the street from the Old Executive Office Building, Saadia Musa answers phones, orders sandwiches and lets in the FedEx guy. And she does it all from Karachi, Pakistan."

Read the full Washigton Post Story

TRG Virtual Secretary
Image from Washingtonpost.com
Just made some improvement in light and color balance.

M Tabraiz Feham