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Sunday, January 30, 2005

GO CDMA Basic Information

Price = 4150 Including 15% GST

When U Recharge New Card 299/=

Line Rent = 149 = Which Is Cut Daily 04.90

U Can Avail Go To Go =125 Minutes Free

Go To Go = 46 Minutes Per Paisa Minimum 02 Minutes Call Charge Including Tax

Go To PTCL = 02.30 Per 05 Minute Including Tax

Go To Any Mobile Service=03.25 Per Minute

If U Finish Card In A Week U Can Avail 02 Month Free In Coming

Go To Domestic Call Same As PTCL Tariff

Go To International Calls 17 To 18 Rupees Per Minute All Over The World

Go Desktop Set Prices = 4150

Go Hand Set Prices = 5500

Go Internet + Voice Desktop Set Prices = 5200

For Connection Required = NIC Copy With Telephone Or Cell Number

This Connection Work 04 Kilometers From Your Residence

I am not affiliated with GO, so this information is posted for the sake of disseminating information :)
But on the other hand not to mention that PTCL sucks ... specially the customer service.... Hope that companies like these would bring a positive change in Pakistan's telecommunication industry.

Tabraiz Feham

Monday, January 17, 2005

Cassini-Huygens - Mission to Saturn

"contemplate the wonders of creation" (Qur'an 3:191)

God created this universe and asked us to explore, to contemplate, to learn about it and to praise and bow to the almightiness of God.

I consider "Cassini-Huygens" a great achievement of the supreme of all creatures. Now for about 4 years in the space, Cassini is exploring the Saturn's moon "Titan". Equipped with the most modern technologies and equipment of the time, each second Cassini is sending us the data that would help us in understanding the gigantic wonder "The Universe".

Take some time to go through the very comprehensive website of Cassini from NASA. The website covers almost each & every aspect of Cassini, from Space Craft to the very detailed guide to Cassini's trajectory and all those scientific terms. The website is so easy to follow that you can understand many scientific terms very easily, as my concept of "Doppler Effect" was rejuvenated :)
There are also special sections for KIDS and Educators.

Cassini-Huygen Home

Multimedia & Images

Tabraiz Feham

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

m:track - Web Based Mobile Tracking System for Karachi

Due to the overwhelming trend of mobiles thefts in Karachi KEDA (Karachi Electronics Dealers Association) and Sindh Police in collaboration with Mobile Zone have introduced a web based mobile tracking system. I consider it as a very important effort for halting this daunting situation.

Through this simple web based system we can register a "Complain" about a mobile theft, we can "Verify" a mobile integrity before purchasing it and the most important feature is that you can "Save" you mobile in the m:track database. I think we all must support it by registering as much mobiles as we can.

Tabraiz Feham