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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Google's Beta Mystery - Any Answers?

On my last post Mr Raffay Bin Ali raised a very thoughtful question that “Why Google continue to offer several services in Beta? To avoid potential lawsuits?

I took a little bit of time to dig in to this matter and instead of getting it solved, got a bit more confused. Here I am listing some of findings if you can figure it out better…

What Google describes of a “Beta Service”?

“This means Google does not guarantee the availability of the service. Since this is an experimental service, Google may take the service down for maintenance or discontinue the service entirely.”

Of all the Google’s services over 66% are being offered in Beta. Take some insights on this article.

I think in all the major Beta services, Google News is the one that can create a lot of controversy of copyrights etc. This article draws some pictures on it.

“Google News: Beta Not Make Money”

“Google News In Beta to Avoid Ad Lawsuits?”

Some people describe labeling “Beta” as a “Marketing gimmick”, but to what extend?


And some says Google has changed the meaning of “Beta”

Currently Goolge cannot generate any revenues from these Beta Services. Would Google be able continue these services in future? People like me are seriously addicted of some of the services, so what would happen if the services are discontinued?

The answers remain bleak.

M Tabraiz Feham


  • Nice research work I must say.

    That's what scares me the most .... retrenchment of Gmail... And that's the only factor thats keeping me from switching over completely.

    Since the services are in beta and free, plus invite only, users wouldn't have much of an option except moan when Gmail goes offline.

    Rafay Bin Ali

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:44 PM  

  • Yeah, quite scary indeed.
    Thanks for the appreciation :)

    By Blogger M Tabraiz Feham, at 1:00 PM  

  • Good work Tabraiz. The first thing I browse everyday is news.google.com with science & tech. It will be bad if Google discontinues this service. :(

    By Blogger Sudhakar, at 2:16 PM  

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