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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Ashfaq Ahmed - What a man he was

We lost a great writer, a good poet, an eloquent speaker, a talented artist and above these all we lost a great man. But except all of these traits i remember him as a great "Sufi" and a "Muddabbir". he would talk hours long and you would just remain soaked and mesmerized in the meanings of those simple sentences. He gave us very big messages in those simple events and things that he used to recall and share with us. But it is not that just i have a great inspiration from Ashfaq Ahemd but there is a circle around him or may be on big canvas a Galaxy of people that really stood out and made themselves distinct from the rest of the world. Some of them are Qudrat-ul-Allah Shahab (The personality who has a very powerful impact on my life - although very few people know him today but those who know him can tell who he actually was. I would definitely be writing about him a lot in this blog), Mumtaz Mufti, Bano Qudsiya (His very own wife) and a lot of poeple who really have characters of their own.
I was reading a pick from his writings in Sunday's Jang Magazine titled "Meray mernay ka baad kia hoga" (What would happen after my death)(Sunday Magazine 19th Sep 2004 - http://www.jang.com.pk). He must have written it years back but in that small pick he had beautifully painted and depicted our society with sheer truth and simplicity. The article really stuck me hard.

May Allah give him the eternal peace of Jannah - Amen

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