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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pakistan Earthquake - Please donate


"People in Pakistan desperately need your generous contribution. Please donate and help by clicking on any of these reputed organizations"

President's Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims 2005
(Govt. Of Pakistan)

Press Release

The Government has decided to establish a fund to be known as "President's Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims 2005" for providing relief to the people in the wake of recent earthquake victims and to mobilize resources for the relief efforts to the people's affected by the earthquake. All proceeds on account of "President's Relief Fund for earthquake victims 2005" and payment into the fund will be received at all branches of State Bank of Pakistan, all Treasures and branches of National Bank of Pakistan, all branches of Habib Bank Limited, United Bank Ltd, Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd. and Allied Bank Ltd.

Contributions from abroad will be received at all the branches of banks where such branches exist. In foreign countries contributions will be received at Pakistan Missions and remitted to the State Bank of Pakistan. G-12 Special Deposit Fund, G-121-Relief Fund, G-12130-President's Relief Fund for earthquake victims


Tabraiz Feham


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